Paper clip

High resolution paper clip on white background (includes version with soft shadow). Clipping path inside.

paper clip

Resolution: 2850×3800 px and 3800×2850 px
Size: ~500 KB each
Format: JPG
Color theme: grey, silver
License: Free for personal use
Author: psdGraphics


Similar versions:

metal paper clip

isolated paper clip

paper clip with shadow

3 Responses to “Paper clip”

  1. hi. have to agree with @J – png with transparent background would be handy.

    anyway, it is not that difficult to take off the background 🙂

    thank you

  2. J says:

    These are great..but why not save them as a PNG? At the moment they are practically useless — no clipping paths/transparency

  3. micah says:

    I just have to say this was probably one of the most effective posts I’ve had the chance to go over on the subject so far. I don’t understand where you learn all your info but up! I am going to send a few people over here to read this. Amazing, just plain amazing. I am just getting into writing articles myself, nothing remotely close to your writing skills (ha!) but I would love for you to take my article someday! here

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