Glossy ball Photoshop icon

Beautiful glossy ball graphics on white background. Photoshop icon in a three shiny color variations, blue, red and green.
Created with a circle shape, radial blur, and brush tool. Cool graphics set for designers, add your symbol on it and make a glossy icon or button.

glossy ball


Blank postage stamp

Blank postage stamp against white background. Portrait and landscape orientated stamps in a light gray color and a darker gray central part that can be replaced with an image. Two blank rectangle stamps with perforated edges. Can be used on a dark and bright backgrounds.

blank postage stamp


Blue binary code, digital background

Technology, communication and cyberspace background. Binary code with a lighting effects on a dark blue background.
Artistic and modern concept graphic, computer generated image. High resolution JPG file is available for download.

binary code


Casino concept, gambling background with a dollar symbols

Casino concept background. Radial background in two colors, red and green, with a three gold dollar symbols on it. A very detailed graphics, 5000×4000 px resolution in JPG format. Created in Photoshop with linear and radial gradient, and radial (motion) blur.

green gambling background


Apple iPhone Photoshop tutorial

Make a realistic Apple iPhone illustration in Photoshop. Quick, intermediate level photoshop tutorial.
Download psd file, iPhone isolated against a white background.

iphone photoshop tutorial