Abstract rainbow flow background

Cool looking abstract rainbow background. Flowing rainbow design in a very high resolution. Made in Photohsop with a custom Layer Style for colors, and Pen Tool plus Warp for wavy shapes.
For one more similar design follow abstract rainbow colors.

abstract rainbow background

Resolution: 5000×3750 px
Large preview (1280x1024px): Rainbow flow
Size: 1,30 MB
Format: JPG
Color theme: red, pink, purple, blue, green, yellow, orange
Keywords: multi colored soft light graphic, colorful curves swirl design, rainbow burst made in Photohsop
Author: PSD Graphics

  • http://www.eltelsizi.info/ telsiz

    Wowww this is realy great desing.. Thanks for graphic.

  • http://iscreation.nl Swans

    very cool and amazing work! compliments

  • http://erandarki.deviantart.com/gallery/ Eran

    So colorful. looks great.
    (I’ve got some stuff of my own 2)

  • Rosemary

    Marvelous, sensual, so much variety
    Many Thanks
    You saved me an enormous amount of work and time.

  • http://www.AccessFirefox.org Ken Saunders

    Love it.
    Kind of tubular, wet, glossy, very smooth.

  • aryen sappal

    hiiiii very good….. backgrounds r very useful .. Ilke It

  • Steve

    I LOVE this one! It’s amazing! Awesome job!