Blank open book template

An open book with blank pages, isolated on white background. High resolution white book template, with a lot space for texts and pics. Can be used as a web graphic, and for print.
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open book

Resolution: 5000×3750 px
Large preview (1280x1024px): Blank open book
Size: 563 KB
Format: JPG
Color theme: white, black, gray
Keywords: blank book pages template, white paper background, empty magazine page
Author: PSD Graphics

Download hi-res JPG file:

  • Ali

    Great work! When are you posting the psd file. I’m anxiously awaiting it, as I want to use it as a background for a book-reader website I’m making.

  • Michael

    Hey, great book! Were you still going to post the psd for this? I’d love to change it a tad for a website I’m currently developing…

  • Pavel

    Thanks! I find your video about making lemon useful for that subject!

  • Pavel

    I have decent understanding how use pen tool, but i can`t achieve nice looking an not horrible curves! How you achieve nice curves with pen tool? Do you use grid or rulers for that? Can you give me tips how to achieve that?

    • admin

      Hi, check at youtube, there is a lot short video tutorials, search for “isolate objects in Photoshop”.

  • Ken Saunders

    Of course you’re right about removing the background.

  • Ken Saunders

    How about PNG? :)

    • admin

      I will post a little more detailed book in PSD format in few days. Buy the way you can always cut the background, pen tool is ideal for it.