Crystal cube background

Two simple backgrounds. The first one is the solved crystal cube on a white background, and the second one is the cube with a missing part on a dark blue background.

crystal cube

Resolution: 5000×3500 px
Size: ~ 650 KB each
Format: JPG
Color theme: dark blue, white, grey, crystal
Keywords: 3d cube, crystal, geometric shape, boxes, grid, blocks
License: Free for personal use
Author: psdGraphics


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7 Responses to “Crystal cube background”

  1. Ciprian says:

    Brilliant, anyone know what program was used for this ?

    Thank you

  2. ishoot says:

    wow,, really cool 😀
    Thanks Mr.Admin :))

    I love ur Artwork ^_^

  3. eve_wu says:

    waooooo…so cool…this is looks great..
    like i said before, it would be more great if we put photos there…lol ^.^

  4. jax says:

    this looks great! thanks for your awesome work 🙂

  5. hivsr says:

    Incredible, I cant believe my eyes

  6. Tim Selaty says:

    Wow, this is by far the most amazing thing I’ve seen all month. Kudos.

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