Up, down, left and right arrows, blue web icons

Simple blue arrows, a set of icons for the web works, in PSD format. Pointing to four directions – up, down, left and right.
You might also find useful mouse cursor and hand pointer icons.

blue arrows

Resolution: 1280×1024 px
Medium size – JPG previews:
Up arrow icon
Down arrow icon
Left arrow icon
Right arrow icon
Format: PSD
Color theme: blue
Keywords: arrows set for web navigation, back and forward buttons, signs and symbols for Photoshop
Author: PSD Graphics





Download Photoshop PSD source:
File Size: 1 MB

2 Responses to “Up, down, left and right arrows, blue web icons”

  1. Andrei says:

    Thanks , very nice and professional work you have here !

  2. Rudy says:


    Thanks very much for these PSDs. They’re all cool and great!

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