2016 Christmas balls

2016 Christmas balls against white background, close-up of a red balls with a shiny yellow numbers.

2016 Christmas


Simple compass template PSD

Simple compass, minimalistic looking graphic, blue orienting arrows and white background. Get PSD template and rotate the arrow if needed.

Simple compass PSD


Rated #1 (number one) badge PSD

Rated #1 (number one), get template and edit text if needed (rated #2, #3 etc.). Download badge in PSD format.

Rated #1 badge


World Aids Day symbol (PSD)

World Aids Day symbol or icon, red curled ribbon isolated on white, get PSD file and put it over any background.

Aids day symbol


Performance meter template (PSD)

Performance meter with a green – yellow – red color range dial. Get gauge template for temperature, pressure, risk, success, etc.

Performance meter