Inbox and outbox icons (PSD)

Inbox and outbox icons. Brown wooden box and paper stack with a sticky note on it. Download PSD and edit text and other details.

inbox outbox mail


Computer scanner icon (PSD)

Computer scanner icon in black and white color. Modern looking office scanner in PSD format.

computer scanner


Recycling bin icon (PSD)

Blue recycling bin with papers, web icon and symbol. Download PSD source, make it empty or change any other detail.

recycling bin


Old film roll icon (PSD)

Yellow film roll icon, an old roll of 35mm camera film, photography and cinema symbol.

old film roll icon


Paper scroll with quill pen (PSD)

An old paper scroll with quill pen and inkwell, a very detailed web graphic. Might be used as a web icon or with text at a larger size.

old paper quill pen