First aid case icon

First aid case icon, red suitcase with white cross shape. Computer security and help or medicine concept.

first aid icon


LED screen font (PSD)

LED screen font template, make your own letters, numbers or symbols. Copy red or black dot layer style and paste it to desired dots. To select random dots hold ALT+SHIFT and RIGHT CLICK on dots.
There are too many layers so merge folders with finished letters (CTRL+E) to speed up your Photoshop.

led font


Manila folder (PSD)

Yellow manila folder with a document. Download blank template in PSD format.

manila folder


Arrows stickers set

Black and white arrows stickers set, web design elements. Set of different variations, download in PSD format.

arrows set


Virus scan icon

Virus scan, computer and internet security icon in PSD format, scanning binary code with magnifying glass.

virus scan