Planet with rising Sun background

Dark planet in space by night with rising Sun, high resolution background. Sunrise illustration created with Photoshop. Sunrise from space, clean background with a lot of empty space.
For more cool backgrounds follow planet earth in space and blue earth wallpaper.

rising sun


Bright Apple logo wallpaper

Bright Apple wallpaper for your desktop. Modern looking theme, white background with a light gray shades and a big Apple logo centered.

apple wallpaper


Night sky, stars background

A nice blue star field background with a lot of shiny stars. Use it in your design projects, or as a desktop wallpaper. Night sky background, star cluster background created with Photoshop.



Two magical purple sky backgrounds

Two abstract sky backgrounds with magical, vibrant purple clouds. A nice resources for design projects, download high resolution JPG files.
For more sky backgrounds check the grunge sky background, and blue sky background.

magical sky


Abstract dark blue background

Abstract blue background in a high resolution, wavy background created with motion blur. The same abstract artwork is also available in a dark green and purple color themes. A nice web and print design elements created with Photoshop. You might also like a similar artwork with a more vibrant blue – abstract background.

dark blue background