Concept of success, plastic gears model

High resolution computer generated graphic – plastic gears model, concept of success. Two gears in action, red and white plastic gears, angled and isolated on white background.
Metaphorical illustration of teamwork cooperation, business concept, successful team, right solution.

concept of success

Resolution: 4200×3150 px
Large preview: Plastic gears 1280×1024
Size: 654 KB
Format: JPG
Color theme: red, white
Keywords: keep the gears, motion gears, team force, machine gears, right solution, co-operation
Author: PSD Graphics

plastic gears model

Download hi-res JPG file:

One Response to “Concept of success, plastic gears model”

  1. jay m says:

    cute model, but gears don’t look like they mesh properly. not same tooth profile. good example of people trying to make stuff work together that doesn’t quite.

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