Gold, silver and bronze metal stars

A set of photo realistic metal stars in gold, silver and bronze colors. Stars with a nice brushed and shiny finish, against white background.

silver star

Resolution: 5000×3750 px
Medium size previews (1280x1024px):
Gold metal star
Silver metal star
Bronze metal star
File format: JPG
Color theme: gold, yellow, silver, gray and bronze
Keywords: hi-res star design elements, seals, badges and awards
Author: PSD Graphics
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gold star

bronze star

Download hi-res JPG files:
File Size: 2,7MB per file

3 Responses to “Gold, silver and bronze metal stars”

  1. Vee Shalom says:

    gr8 man (Y)!!!! u r awesom

  2. Lehunch says:

    going a project for xshool and i needed a good star. yours are the best, awesome work man

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