Red 3D numbers set

Red numbers set, 3d objects. Plastic style numbers slightly angled, with a soft shadow isolated on white background.

red numbers

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Cherry wood texture

Cherry wood texture in a nice reddish brown color. High resolution wooden background created with Photoshop.

cherry wood

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Single jigsaw puzzle piece, 3D symbol

3D jigsaw puzzle piece, a single 3D symbol isolated on white. Blue and white color variations with a different angle. A nice business orientated concept, hi-res image for print or web and similar presentations.

puzzle piece

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Name tag icon, blue identification card (PSD)

Blue name tag, identification card illustration and icon for web use. Personalize it by adding your own photo or illustration, and fill it with your own details. It’s also available as a blank card with a blue patterned background.

name tag

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Jack O’ Lantern, Halloween pumpkin icon (PSD)

Happy Jack O’ Lantern on white background. Orange Halloween pumpkin with personality. Created with Photoshop, get it in PSD format.


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