Soft pink background

Pink background made with a soft pink and white gradients. A nice graphic element for Valentine’s Day design, and similar love designs.

pink background

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Keyboard button PSD template

A simple computer keyboard button against white background. Download Photoshop PSD template and add a letter, number, symbol, or combine keys to make words.

keyboard button

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Neon light text style, PSD template

Cool neon 3D text style, template for Photoshop. Edit layer style to update details or play with the hue/saturation to change the color easily. Created using two text layers, depending on the font size and length, the bottom layer of text needs moving and/or horizontal scaling. An average Photoshop knowledge is needed to update text and customize it.

neon text

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Eco friendly green background

Eco friendly background, an abstract green background with depth of field effect. Blank hi-res artwork for nature related designs.

eco friendly background

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Computer network icon (PSD)

Computer network icon, a close up of a white ethernet network port in PSD format. A simple web icon of a home and office networks, wireless LAN router etc.

computer network

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