Old paper background

An old paper background, high resolution image created with Photoshop. Grungy style, blank yellow piece of paper with rough edges.
For one more paper image, follow the old paper texture link.


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PSD global communications icon

Global network around the earth, global communications icon. Blue sphere, abstract world globe covered with network wires. Download an editable PSD source. For one more related icon, follow wireless icon link.

communications icon

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Gold text effects in Photoshop

Gold effects for text and shapes. For a small text sizes reduce the stroke size to 1 or 2px, and make the shadow smaller and lighter (to find these settings double click on the text layer in layers window).
You might also be interested in chrome letters style, silver metal letters.

gold text photoshop

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Blank open book template

An open book with blank pages, isolated on white background. High resolution white book template, with a lot space for texts and pics. Can be used as a web graphic, and for print.
You might also like blank box graphic, white 3d software box against white background.

open book

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Grunge brick wall background

Grunge brick wall background, an old dirty and broken wall with a dark grunge look. High resolution brick wall texture, created with a custom filters in Photoshop.
You might also like grunge construction background.

grunge brick wall

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