PSD orange shield icon

PSD shield icon, internet and software security symbol. Glossy orange surface with a shiny silver metal frame.
A very customizable icon, fell free to add your text or symbol to it.

shield icon

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Photoshop empty and vote buttons

Glossy circle buttons in PSD format. Blank and “vote” text buttons (badges). Use the current ones, or add what ever text you want. Two color themes, glossy white button with black letters, and glossy black button with white letters.

psd vote empty buttons

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Windows 7 wallpaper

Inspired by the original Windows 7 wallpapers, I created a very similar wallpaper set. Abstract blue theme Windows 7 wallpaper. Simple and clean design with a soft curves and gradients. Pick your screen resolution size and enjoy. Check also black Windows wallpaper.

windows 7 wallpaper

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Https digital web background

https://www. secured web address displayed on computer screen. Three different variations, a simple bright version with https://www. wording, transparent binary code with overlay effect, and abstract blue binary code on the black screen.
Check also internet concept background.

digital web background

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PSD gears icon

Gear icon in PSD format. Red, black and silver color themes, with two icon variations. Can be used as settings, support, idea, tools, concept icon, on a dark and bright backgrounds. Download editable source and play with it in Photoshop.

gears icons

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