Black tag

Black product tag with a shiny silver borders, PSD template. Blank label or sticker for your online shop, put price or symbol on it.

black tag

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Computer background

Internet and computer background concept. 3D pixel cursor and computer pointer on a beautiful glowing blue background. High resolution graphic ideal for print use (covers, ads, business cards etc).

computer background

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Metal button template

Shiny metal button Photoshop template, square shape with rounded corners reflective brushed surface and shadow. Copy layer style of the blank symbol and add it to your symbol or shape.

metal button

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Green grunge background

Grunge style green background with focus at the center. Put your isolated product on it, and make a nice web and print designs. Ideal for a beer bottles flyer design and similar products.

green grunge

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Star shape sticker

Blank star shape sticker with curled edge, red label template with a nice noise effect. Download layered and editable source.

star sticker

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