PSD comments icon

Simple web icon for your blog. Comments icon in orange color with a soft shadow. Stylish Photoshop icon that depicts comments, discussion forum or a chat room. To change color, remove the shadow or to update any other detail, download psd source.

comments icon

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Purple business card template

Modern look purple business card template. Editable Photoshop file for professional printing. Download source file and put your own info and logo. A dark purple background with abstract waves and a decorative elements.

purple business card

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Digital background

Three different colors digital backgrounds set. 3D mouse pointer with a touching screen – pulse effect, in an abstract digital environment. High resolution graphics in blue, red and green color themes, representing data transfer, communications and high tech interface.
Also check the hand cursor graphic.

red digital background

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Blu-ray disc icon

Blank blue Blu-ray disc icon. Stylized computer and data icon for your website or print project. Blue circle shape with a shiny light reflections. Download editable PSD file.


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Favorites icon

Internet & blogging favorites icon. Red heart shape with a light blue circle and “plus” symbol in it.
Cute icon for print, web and desktop applications. You are free to download psd source and customize it.

favorites icon

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