Brown, white and golden eggs, PSD icons

Photo realistic eggs in brown, white and gold colors, in a layered PSD format. Simple and clean egg icon with shadow and clipping path.

egg icon

Resolution: 1280x1024px
Full size JPG previews:
Brown egg
White egg
Golden egg
File Format: PSD
Color theme: gold, brown, white
Keywords: Photoshop illustration of an egg, food service and mealing planning icon
Author: PSD Graphics
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blank egg

easter egg

Download Photoshop PSD source:
File Size: 3,78MB (ZIP)

2 Responses to “Brown, white and golden eggs, PSD icons”

  1. Dolus Bonus says:

    Oh how long I have searched your a person like you! Could it be you are the person the world has been waiting on? Might you be the all-powerful “idiot who can do everything better?”

    Since it would only take a few minutes could I send some other art I need?

  2. Happy Easter my precious friends and family
    and may god be with you all.

  3. Dementa says:

    i love your work!
    it would be great if you could also run us through a tutorial for all your work.. =)

  4. AL says:

    …every one is entitled to his or her opinion and I respect that, but I disagree with that the person at the top said. I feel very much like Donna’s comment. Great job and thank you for sharing all this phenomenal graphics…:)

  5. Irena says:

    Looks great! Like a real one!

  6. Donna Bugdin says:

    Hey yjerk–
    This nice person creates these graphics because they LOVE design. They are also unselfish and giving enough to let us use these graphics as we want, free of charge, no questions asked.

    Please show some respect and if that is not possible, there are many other sites out there with which you may harbor your inexperience. Good luck to you.

    Donna Bugdin

  7. ygulkiughlkuig says:

    Whoever made this is waaaay to bored. This is nothing. Can be made in 2 minutes.

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