Gold dollar sign

3D gold dollar sign on white background, three different angles. Strong and shiny metal finish. Perfect for adding a highlight to your business related presentations or print design.

gold dollar sign

Resolution: 4000×3200 px
Size: ~ 700 KB each
Format: JPG
Color theme: gold
Keywords: business icons, gold dollar symbol, key to success, finance symbol,
License: Free for personal use
Author: PSD Graphics


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One Response to “Gold dollar sign”

  1. Discover2012 says:

    Can we use your dollar sign graphic in a ESOP poster for our company?

  2. Dharmesh says:

    the symbols in gold 3d is really a good job.
    Could you please post a similar 3d gold for Indian Rupee symbol

  3. […] in the series of gold 3D currency symbols. 3D rendered symbol, isolated on white. Check also gold Dollar sign, and gold Euro […]

  4. admin says:

    Hi, here is a quick tutorial for you.

    First, use a 3D modeling tool such as SolidWorks or Google SketchUp to make the model. Then use a nice rendering tool – HyperShot or PhotoView 360 for example to make a realistic models.

  5. eshanne says:

    do u have any tutorials for this mR’aDmin? and u use the 3D Model software? hope u can teach me how to rendered the design.. In Tutorials..

    Thank you very much, and i hope there will be a tutorials for this..

    Thank you mR’aDmin.

  6. Tuhin says:

    Is there any? looking for something like this to create text base logo.

  7. admin says:

    No PSD for this symbol, it is 3d model + rendering.

  8. Tuhin says:

    How can i have this in PSD format?

  9. Douglas says:

    you dont mind if i use 1 of your them for a homework? =)

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