Radar screen icon (PSD)

Blue radar screen with targets indicators, hi-tech symbol in PSD format. If you would like to change the backlight color, play with the hue/saturation layer.

radar icon

Resolution: 1280x1024px
Full size JPG preview: Radar screen icon
File Format: PSD
Color theme: blue, green, black, silver
Keywords: round radar icon with targets, green radar monitor in Photoshop, map, searching, target etc. concept
Author: PSD Graphics
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Download Photoshop PSD source:
File Size: 1,77MB

2 Responses to “Radar screen icon (PSD)”

  1. Ishan says:

    i dunno what i would do without this website! im forever thankful… psdgraphics.com is my online lifesaver haha

  2. Ginger2 says:

    Wooaaahhh! Nice! I like this one, like it lots. What could I use it for, though..? Perhaps a search icon. Anywhoo, nice idea!

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