Red tags

Red tags set isolated on white background. Two red colored labels – circle and square shapes. Clipping path included.
These graphics can be used for your design, ideal for online shops. Highly detailed red sale tag PSD included.

red tags

Resolution: 800×1200 px
Size: 2,3 MB
Format: PSD
Color theme: red, black
Keywords: red shopping tag, empty tag, price tag, sale price tags
License: Free for personal use
Author: PSD Graphics

Download Photoshop file:

red sale tag

red tag

3 Responses to “Red tags”

  1. David Pinaffo says:

    Thanks again. 😀

  2. ontenth says:

    Thanks guys!

  3. Christopher Payne says:

    I see this is an old post but (it’s new to me) I have to thank you for these tags. They look great!

  4. Component says:

    Wonderful icons for free! Thank you guys!

  5. nutraxin says:

    good tags, red very nice color, red and tags perfect comb.

  6. I love the tag, but do you have it in an off-white? That would be really awesome if you had one like that! For now I think I might use what you have and just colorize it to the color I need…

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