Abstract flow background

Beautiful abstract flow background freebie, cool decoration elements for a graphic design projects.
Smooth curves on a white background, available in two color schemes, purple and green. High detailed Photoshop illustration.

flow background


Blank postage stamp

Blank postage stamp against white background. Portrait and landscape orientated stamps in a light gray color and a darker gray central part that can be replaced with an image. Two blank rectangle stamps with perforated edges. Can be used on a dark and bright backgrounds.

blank postage stamp


Red Christmas graphic

Red Christmas graphic, Photoshop illustration. Red background with a wavy shapes and motion blur effects.
A great decoration graphic for your designs. Add your logo and message and make a custom greeting card.
Hi-res JPEG included, enjoy.

christmas graphic


Abstract Photoshop background

One more abstract photoshop background that I got by playing with photoshop effects. Modernize your design work with this cool design element, available in blue and pink colors. Very detailed graphic, good for both, web graphics and print documents.

photoshop background


Abstract purple background

Abstract purple background created in Photoshop. Shiny purple and pink waves created with motion blur, on a dark blue background. Computer generated graphic, available in a high resolution. A great decorative background for your design.

abstract purple background