Copy and duplicate icon (PSD)

Copy and duplicate icon in PSD format, two simple papers in white and blue colors with a text symbol.

Copy icon


Simple calendar 2014, vector (EPS)

A very simple black and white calendar 2014 template, ideal for A4 landscape format and home printer.

Simple calendar 2014 for home printer


Business over coffee (PSD)

Business over coffee, concept graphic. A stock chart on a tablet screen, office papers with pencil and a black coffee.

Business over coffee, office work concept


Documentation files icon (PSD)

Spiral notebook with a blue cover and a blank white paper under it, PSD template.

documentation files icon, knowledge archive


Highlighted text and highlighter (PSD)

Highlighted text and yellow highlighter pen, download in PSD format. Draw attention to text and studying icon.

Highlighted text on paper with yellow highlighter