Hockey ice background

Hockey ice background with skate marks. High resolution texture created with Photoshop. Ice background for skating and hockey themed designs.

hockey ice background


Grunge sky background, green clouds

High resolution of a grunge theme, green sky background. Retro image of a cloudy sky, a great background for grunge designs. Photoshop artwork created with brushes.
You might also like blue sky background.

grunge sky background


Yellow beer texture

Abstract beer texture, high resolution design element. Yellow beer background with a lots of bubbles floating, with froth on top. It’s not a real shot, got it by playing with Photoshop filters and a froth image.

beer texture


Soft yellow background

High resolution soft yellow background, a nice blurry background with a defocused lights effects. Two similar variations, pure yellow, and orange shades with a defocused yellow lights background. Created using soft yellow gradient in the white background, and a couple layers with soft and sharp dots, with different hardness and diameters.
Check also blurry lights background.



Grunge construction background

Blank grunge metal background in two different variations. Dark and dirty metal backgrounds with yellow stripes on it. A great backgrounds for grunge style designs. Check also red and brown grunge backgrounds.

grunge construction