• http://www.ovansports.com Mian Akhtar

    Really nice tutoriola, I will use these four colors in my new web site http://www.dadibos.com due to prominent, attractive and eye-catching. Mian :)

  • muma samuelbright

    Thanks very much for the tutorials, they were very helpful to me. I am a beginner in photo-shop but my friends where so amazed with what they saw me doing. Thanks very much :)

  • perry

    Thanx for the tutorials, they are very helpful for us newbies.
    Will you be posting more?

    Please keep them coming :)

  • http://www.youtube.com/ZiplockTutorials Cassidy Kaiden

    Very Nice Tutorial Benn looking for this!! But please make the new Google Logo Appreciate the tutorial. :)

    Cassidy K.

    • admin

      Hi Cassidy, I will probably try to do it, it would be video tutorial.