• http://www.joomlawebdevelopments.info ayushi

    nice tutorial simple and great effect it is more useful to me keep sharing

  • AlexDriveTime

    Guys, seriosly, cant u just LOOK at their new logo and realise that they just REMOVE shadows effect, change color and make lower OPACITY for Bevel and Emboss????? Do it by ur own, its a way better, cuz u have complicated tutorial up here

    P.S. Good job man, good job.

  • Casper Q

    Wow, this is really cool! Google got a new logo this year, so it would be so nice if you could do a tutorial for their new logo.
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Googlelogo.png <— This is their new logo on Wikipedia. It is used in the article as @Josh Arcadia links to.

  • http://www.gtricks.com Aery

    Good to Know This but this is for old one. I would be happy to see new google logo design.

  • Josh Arcadia

    Google Logo has been revamped:

    please upgrade your Tutorial!

  • YottaByte

    Thanks! I’m going to use it in Userbars, change the font, but hold the style. :D

  • Tholithemba


    @Lithuania what are you going to use?

  • http://subtitrai.net [_ADV_] Lithuania

    Thank you. I will use in my website

  • http://www.kaplang.com/blog Michelle

    wow this is really nice, thanks for taking the time to put it together for us and posting it.

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