Blue sky background

Beautiful blue sky background in a very high resolution. Bright, clean sky panorama with white clouds. Created in Photoshop using Lunaregina Clouds, Photoshop brushes set. Can be used as a wallpaper or in design projects.

blue sky

Resolution: 5000×3750 px
Large preview (1280x1024px): Blue sky background
Size: 2.45 MB
Format: JPG
Color theme: blue, white
Keywords: bright day with a cloudscape in the background, blue sky panorama, xxl sky background
Author: PSD Graphics
Brushes home page: Lunaregina Clouds Brushes

Download hi-res JPG file:

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  1. Im starting my own little youtube video making group called Home Paper Entertainment and this is our current logo. Thanks!

  2. thanks a ton! this is the absolute best sky picture i have ever seen and its super high resolution, simply perfect


  3. Starting to make some digital artworks from scratch, just playing around with it to learn. This background was just was I needed for one of them! Thank you very much. Now I am going to get more inspiration from your site and works.

  4. Gorgeous! This is one of the first backgrounds I’ll download for my new Windows 7 PC. With the blue (I think it’s called “Sky”) Taskbar and glass window border, it’ll look nice!