Dark red abstract background

Abstract background in two color schemes, red and orange. Wavy lines on a dark blurry background. Created in Photoshop using a high diameter Brush Tool for the background, and Pen Tool (vectors) for the wavy black and white lines. Check also abstract Photoshop background.

red abstract

Resolution: 5000×3750 px
Large previews (1280x1024px):
Red abstract background
Orange abstract background
Size: 1,47 MB
Format: JPG
Color theme: red, orange, black, white
Keywords: beautiful web backgrounds, abstract Photoshop artwork, red and orange backgrounds
Author: PSD Graphics

dark orange abstract

Download hi-res JPG files:

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  1. this backgrounds are great I’m the director and owner of a band
    from chicago and this backgrounds helps my entertainment company
    allot we apreciate your hard work thank you.


  2. i love these backgrounds… i was just on the internet looking for backgrounds for our yearbook page… i am one of the two yearbook editor and we need some backgrounds to put on our page we have a myspace theme and myspace have different backgrounds and when i found this website these backgrounds look pretty cool and i like them…