Planet earth in space

A great wallpaper of the planet earth in space. Space view of the earth at night with a blue glow, horizon and the stars in the background.
Computer generated image, available in a very high resolution.

planet earth in space

Resolution: 5000×3500 px
Size: 880 KB
Format: JPG
Keywords: atmosphere of the planet earth, planet earth in the universe
License: Free for personal use
Author: PSD Graphics


Planet earth in space

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  1. Hey, we’re interested in licensing this for commercial use. Would you be willing to sell us a license?

    Thanks, great work.

  2. very useful pictures and psd file.. thank you very much! im a graphic artist here in philippines, and you are helping me alot!

    Thank you! you are my idol! the best! :))
    keep it up! God Bless!