Round gold button, PSD label template

Round web button template, text with a realistic shiny gold color and details. Edit PSD source, type your text and make your own buttons. Useful web graphic template for logos, labels, medals, seals, stickers etc.
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round gold button

Resolution: 1280×1024 px
Full size – JPG preview: Gold button template
File Size: 1,49 MB
Format: PSD
Color theme: gold, yellow, black
Keywords: ellipse shape button, web signs and symbols in PSD format, black copy space
Author: PSD Graphics

Download Photoshop PSD source:

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  1. @Oberstminga @steve Thank you so much… 🙂 ……. I will definitely help others, its my duty….. 🙂

  2. Mr Wali,
    There are many methods to accomplish coloration change- but here is a fairly simple process:

    Go to Windows->layers (or press F7).
    Double click on the “Graphic” folder in the layers tool mini-menu.
    Scroll down and highlight “Layer 2”
    Go to Menu Layer->Layer Style->Color Overlay…
    Set “Blend Mode” menu to “Normal”
    Set color box (beside “Blend Mode”) to R:255 (red 255)
    Set “Opacity” to 20%.

    Repeat above steps for the other layers within the “Graphic” folder as you see fit.

    To me the result is reasonably Bronze. Bronze is a very subjective hue/shade- it could be anywhere from gold and gold-green to reddy-brown or darker like a US penny.

    As I and others have helped you Mr Wali- your obligation is now to help someone else.

  3. thanks for the opportunity. These are some of the most beautiful templates I have ever seen and although I am not familiar with the format just hope that it is ppt compatible. Excellent work and class 1 taste of color combinations.

  4. @Mr.Wali: Just go to blending options and change the yellow-gold colors to gray-silver colors. I just tried it and it worked pretty well.

    And thanks so much for this!