Colorful 3D crystal balls

Colorful crystal ball with a nice caustics effects, available in green, blue, orange, red, violet and gray colors. Hi-res 3D glass sphere render, isolated on white background.

crystal balls

Resolution: 4000x3000px
File size: 1,1MB to 1,4MB
Format: JPG
Color theme: green, blue, orange, red, violet, gray
Keywords: graphic design elements, this is your future, shiny reflective surface, high resolution render
Author: PSD Graphics
Might be useful (similar item): Crystal cube background

blue ball

green ball

violet crystal ball

dark crystal ball

red crystal ball

orange crystal ball

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  1. It is perfect, if the white BG is a problem for you, just deinstall photoshop.


    Ps. If I am master why I use this stuff? It is rhetorical question.

  2. 1. Man, you have balls… 🙂
    2. Nice work…
    3. Like Nate almost said, they’re not of much use as jpegs… No PSD -> almost no editing value.
    Which birings me to number 4. Why do we find jpegs here? Why would we find anything else except PSD files here??? It’s called PSDgraphics… Not simply Photoshop Graphics, nor just GRAPHICS, but PSD!

  3. I love PSD Graphics. What I would love to see is these 3D balls in a PSD or PNG file format with no background so I can use them in more settings than I can with the white background.

  4. these are fantastic, pretty much like everything else on PSD Graphics, man i love this site (i follow psd gfx on twitter, shame there’s not many tweets)