Alexa logo photoshop tutorial

Learn how is the logo created in this Adobe Photoshop tutorial. It’s a glossy blue icon that contains a few different sized circles filled with blue gradients. It has a glossy finish. Download psd source for better understanding of the tutorial.

alexa logo

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1. Make a light blue circle with eclipse tool (hold SHIFT button to make a circle).

light blue circle

2. Duplicate the circle – CTRL+J. Make it a bit smaller using transform tool – CTRL+T. Fill it with a darker blue gradient.

blue gradient circle

3. Duplicate it again and add a blue glow effect on it.

blue circle glow

4. Make one more circle and fill it with a dark blue gradient.

dark blue circle

5. Hold CTRL and click on layer in the layers palette to make a selection. Pick a dark blue brush and fill the bottom part of the selection with the color.

dark blue brush

6. Repeat previous step using lighter blue brush.

light blue brush

7. Duplicate “light blue brush layer” and move it about 15px to the top.

shine effect

8. Make a white ellipse, use eraser tool to delete the bottom part, and decrease layer opacity to about 50%. That is how you make a glossy effect.

glossy effect

9. Duplicate the glossy layer and remove the part that covers smaller circle under it. Fill it with a light blue color.

adding extra gloss

10. In the last step, type white letter “a” and drop a dark blue shadow. We are done.

alexa icon photoshop tutorial

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