Fruit illustrations, lemon and orange icons

Citrus fruit slices, Photoshop illustrations. Detailed lemon and orange slices on white background, cool looking icons for websites.
Make a lime or grapefruit yourself by using Hue/Saturation tool in Photoshop.

lemon icon

Resolution: 1280×1024 px
Full size previews:
Lemon slice background
Orange slice background
Size: 4,22 MB
Format: PSD
Color theme: yellow, orange
Keywords: fresh lemon on white background, orange fruit Photoshop graphic, psd citrus fruit illustration
Author: PSD Graphics

Download PSD source:

orange icon

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  1. Hello, are these psd files under free license? really liked them and would like to use them on a company brochure design.


  2. Hi, I like your orange slice and it is close to what I am after. Can you please design a letter “e” (all in lower case) from a slice of orange? I need this for my project and happy to pay for it. Please kindly let me know. Thank you.

  3. Are you able to provide me with other fruits and herbs on request. Happy to pay for it in the same style

  4. love this so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    sadly, no photoshop so no lime or grapefruit for me
    am going to go buy it today
    where should i go to buy it cheap?