PSD jigsaw puzzle icon

Jigsaw puzzle icon in Photoshop PSD format. Two similar versions, 3D solid blue color puzzle with a shiny edges, and glossy puzzle with a light blue magical pattern. 3D object isolated on white background.

jigsaw puzzles

Resolution: 1280×1024 px
Full size – JPG preview:
Jigsaw icon
Jigsaw puzzle
Size: 2.45 MB
Format: PSD
Color theme: shiny blue
Keywords: glossy photoshop icons, solution concept, web 2.0 icon, psd icons
Author: PSD Graphics

jigsaw icon

jigsaw puzzle

Download PSD source:

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  1. Would appreciate if you develop four pieces of jigsaw puzzle that fitted to make a complete square or rectangle or circle.
    Also let all four pieces be capable of being downloaded seperately