Silver rack server, PSD web icon

Network server racks, a modern icon design idea created with Photoshop. Silver rack case with a power button and a glowing blue led lights.

rack servers

Resolution: 1280×1024 px
Full size JPG preview: Silver rack servers
Format: PSD
Color theme: silver, white, gray, black, blue
Keywords: high performance network servers, data center and storage system, modern technology in business
Author: PSD Graphics
Might be useful (similar item): Wireless router icon

server icon

Download Photoshop PSD source:
File Size: 539 KB

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  1. This is pretty cool. (My Opinion) – it would look better if it didn’t have a gloss face but a darker matte face, and maybe made the buttons round like mac indicators, but it is still better than I could do, so great work!