Blue login box, HTML and CSS with PSD template

Website login box template with blue skin. Download customizable HTML and CSS source. To change the background color, edit PSD file with Photoshop.

login box html

File Size: 68KB HTML and 1.4MB PSD source
Format: HTML and CSS
Color theme: dark and light blue
Keywords: pop-up log in box, simple HTML codes for web developers, useful web design templates
Author: PSD Graphics

login box template

Download HTML and CSS source:

Download PSD source:

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  1. I have a project  JSP is to be used. I want templates for login, register form, discussion forum,  and please type instructions in a notepad how to insert image and connect all pages with each other within 24 hrs its most urgent, situation of life and death…

  2. Hey, i’m sorry ppl but of course its a template, not a complete login page… of course you need to know how to work with it using some language like PHP, ASP, etc

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