Blue login box, HTML and CSS with PSD template

Website login box template with blue skin. Download customizable HTML and CSS source. To change the background color, edit PSD file with Photoshop.

login box html

File Size: 68KB HTML and 1.4MB PSD source
Format: HTML and CSS
Color theme: dark and light blue
Keywords: pop-up log in box, simple HTML codes for web developers, useful web design templates
Author: PSD Graphics

login box template

Download HTML and CSS source:

Download PSD source:

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  1. Hi, I installed the html sample files.
    But, the floating doesn’t work under ie 8 or 9. only firefox works fine.

  2. Hi,

    I’m really new to this. How do I get my login and password box to work? What is the code or do I just need to put in a php file on the server?

    1. Hi Gigi,

      This is design only, you might use it with an existing script (redesign), or write a new one.

  3. I downloaded both files, and I can not figure out what code I need to insert in order to have the box not go to the page with no password.

    Please Help!

  4. There are two links/files for download, the first one named “Blue login box HTML” is ZIP with the code.

  5. Can someone say me the script which i have to add, that the login works?
    because when i klick on Login, wihtout any Username or Password, it goes to the page, which only should open after i wrote down the right username and passwort:

  6. This is a fantastic file. Very nice of you to include the html also. Great work as always.