Neon light text style, PSD template

Cool neon 3D text style, template for Photoshop. Edit layer style to update details or play with the hue/saturation to change the color easily. Created using two text layers, depending on the font size and length, the bottom layer of text needs moving and/or horizontal scaling. An average Photoshop knowledge is needed to update text and customize it.

neon text

Resolution: 1280x1024px
Full size JPG preview: Neon style Photoshop
File Format: PSD
Color theme: blue, green, white, black
Keywords: glowing text in Photoshop, 3D text template, decorative styles for shapes and fonts
Author: PSD Graphics
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Download Photoshop PSD source (ZIP):
File Size: 2,42MB

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  1. I used this template to make a nice background for my little brother who is obssesed with Neon style graphics.

    I can’t thank you enough for this great free website. It has the best graphics in the world. More than 80% of my website ( under construction ) is being built by me using the great icons you provided. I’m hoping that this site lasts as long as ever. You’re the best!

    P.S : I would love to follow you in your group, but, the problem is; I don’t use Twitter or Facebook. If you can create a Google Buzz account then you have your first follower here. 🙂