Old world map on vintage paper scroll

Aged world map on paper scroll with a frayed vintage paper texture. You can also use it as a template for other types of content – images, text etc.

old map

Resolution: 1280×1024 px
Full size JPG previews:
Old world map
Vintage paper scroll
Format: PSD
Color theme: brown, dark, yellow, tan
Keywords: direction and guidance icon, empty parchment, blank antique scroll
Author: PSD Graphics
Might be useful (similar item): Old paper texture

paper scroll

Download Photoshop PSD source:
File Size: 4,69 MB

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  1. This was great! I got exactly what I was looking for AND there wasnt any trademark-thing over the graphic.

    Thanks very much. Like UltraViolet said, Keep it up!!

  2. Wow! The first graphic site I checked out this morning that is actually useful and doesn’t just keep redirecting you to another page that is totally not useful… The vinateg paper was really helpful.
    And the site design doesn’t make you wana run for cover.

    Great work guys, keep it up!