Photoshop chrome letters style

Photoshop chrome style letters, psd file download. Apply chrome effect on your text. Right click at the existing layer with chrome style, copy layer style and paste it on your text layer, or any other layer.

photoshop chrome

Resolution: 1280×1024 px
Full size – JPG preview:
Photoshop chrome letters
Chrome letters style
Size: 6.75 MB
Format: PSD
Color theme: silver, white, black, gray, red
Keywords: metal letters in Photoshop, mettalic effect, Photoshop styles download
Author: PSD Graphics

chrome letters

Download PSD source:

Download Masque font.

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  1. could someone please make a detailed tutorial how can i use this thing in photoshop,because as you see i’m some kind of noob… 😀

  2. something is missing from the chrome effect; normally if it’s chrome then you can see some reflection in it. If you add some blue sky reflection to it, then it will be perfect.

  3. Nevemind. I think I got pretty close after rasterizing the text and giving it a little blur. I hope this was the way it was done. lol

  4. Great PSD. One thing though. I am new. How did you make the Chrome shadow? The layer is locked. I have tried to replicate by typing new text in black and then distorting it, but the effect is not the same. Please help.

  5. These letters are exactly what I have been looking for!
    But I have a small problem with the file. Since I only have Elements 6, I cannot open the layer set. Is it possible to post the file again but with normal layers? (I don’t know how this works.. not sure if the chrome letters would still work??)