Ferrari logo Photoshop tutorial

Make Ferrari logo with an automotive theme background in a quick Photoshop tutorial.

ferrari logo photoshop tutorial

Format: PSD
Keywords: automotive theme design, make Ferrari logo in Photoshop, quick and easy Photoshop tutorials

Quick text tutorial:

Install the Ferro Rosso font (it’s probably not installed on you machine) before you start this tutorial.

Step 1. Open a new document – 1280x1024px.

Step 2. Paste my carbon fiber texture in the background, or fill it with black color or any other dark texture.

Step 3. Apply gradient overlay to the carbon fiber background (double click on the background layer in layers window) with these options:
Gray gradient colors – #2d2d2d and #b0b0b0

paste carbon fiber background

Step 4. Use text tool and type “Ferrari” using Ferro Rosso font (download link is above).

type ferrari text

Step 5. Add silver metal text style with these parameters:

add metal font style

Step 6. Make a simple triangle with pen tool (under Ferrari text layer).

make red triangle

Step 7. Add red gradient and border to it.
Red gradient – #8f0000 and #dd0d0d
Gray border – #000000 and #bcbcbc

red gradient and border

We are done, you should get something like this.

ferrari logo photoshop tutorial

Download my PSD source:

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