Make orange and lemon in Photoshop, text and video tutorial

Make orange and lemon fruits in Photoshop. Text and video Photoshop tutorial. Watch the high quality HD video tutorial and learn Photoshop basics.

orange and lemon in photoshop

Format: PSD
Keywords: make fruits in Photoshop, Photoshop effects, add noise, motion bur, pen tool, customize brush tool, hue saturation
Author: PSD Graphics

Download Photoshop sources: Fruit illustrations, lemon and orange icons

Text tutorial:

1. Make a circle.

make a circle

2. Apply layer style with these details.

add orange layer style

3.Customize the brush tool.

brush settings

4. Draw a dotted pattern around the circle in a new layer.

add dotted pattern

5. Get rid of the dots around the circle (CTRL + left click on the circle layer in the layers tab, right click on the selection, Select Inverse, hit delete button).

clean the shape

6. Add a new layer and merge it with the circle layer.

merge layers

7. Add noise effect.

yellow noise

8. Make one more a bit smaller circle in the bigger one, add noise like in 7th step.

make a smaller circle

9. Apply Feather option to the smaller circle. Make a selection, right click and choose Feather. Then Select Inverse and delete it.

feather selection

10. Before we continue, it should be similar to this.

orange preview

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  1. Where can i find a pattern like that? I’m using photoshop cs5 & I have only 2 patterns…

  2. Fantastic tutorial i love it. I do have a question though, how would you make it green for a lime? I tried a hue sauration layer but i lost all detail in the triangle parts. Is there a diffrent way i can achive the color green?

    1. Yes, duplicate the bottom circle shape, put in on the top and make it light green. Then try a different blending options to get the best look. If necessary use the hue saturation as well.

  3. Just getting to grips with photoshop. Seems pretty good so far. From what little I know the text method and video tutorials use two different methods. The video one seems easier and better to use, so I would recommend this over the text. Did ok on the ferrari but came unstuck on the orange using text so will try and tackle the video tomorrow.

  4. Excellent video!!! Keep them coming. Luv your website. It ROCKS!
    Did you do it in less than 9 mins. or did you edit the video portion to save time? Just curious.

    Thanx for the website 🙂

  5. Thank you! Really awesome tuts.

    I was looking for a whole lemon. I hope you can feature a tuts on how to make a whole lemon on your next post.

    Thank you.