Windows 7 wallpaper Photoshop tutorial

3. Do it again using #70f4f8 color.

blue brush

4. Add one more brush hit in the corner using #cbfdfe color.

shiny effect in the corner

5. Keep the color #cbfdfe and draw a few angled lines like in my example.

light blue lines

6. Merge all lines – CTRL+E.

merge layers

7. Add blur effect on the lines layer – filter/blur/motion blur…

apply motion blur

8. Apply radial blur (filter/blur/radial blur…) with these specs.

appy radial blur

9. The end result should be something like this.

background result

10. Repeat latest steps and add more lights effects.

add more lights

11. Final background result.

the final background

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  1. Thanks for the steps.

    How can you create other wallpaper like curve line shining like in win7 log screen.


  2. Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial. I will try and make a wallpaper with this guide and with the use of brush tool, motion and radial blur, pen and line tool.

  3. This site is getting more and more interesting with every post you make, thank you for every tut and graphic!

  4. Great tutorial, I have completed the lesson, but could not create the bubbles with pen tool. Please, show me how to create bubbles with pen tool. Thanks a lot.

  5. thank you so much for this help, I’ll realise wallp like this to learn more and I’m really glad.thaks again.