Windows 7 wallpaper Photoshop tutorial

12. Find a cool looking fish, paste it and separate from the background using pen tool.

colorful fish

13. Scale the fish to a good size.

isolated fish

14. Make a bubble with pen tool, the explanation is bellow.

make a bubble

15. Duplicate the bubble and make it varius sizes.

duplicate bubbles

16. Add the final shiny effect to the water background, use a shiny blue color #4ef1f8, make it as “Overlay” layer and set transparency to 75%

shiny touch

17. Here it is, we are finished our Windows 7 style wallpaper.

windows 7 wallpaper

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  1. Thanks for the steps.

    How can you create other wallpaper like curve line shining like in win7 log screen.


  2. Thank you so much for the detailed tutorial. I will try and make a wallpaper with this guide and with the use of brush tool, motion and radial blur, pen and line tool.

  3. This site is getting more and more interesting with every post you make, thank you for every tut and graphic!

  4. Great tutorial, I have completed the lesson, but could not create the bubbles with pen tool. Please, show me how to create bubbles with pen tool. Thanks a lot.

  5. thank you so much for this help, I’ll realise wallp like this to learn more and I’m really glad.thaks again.