Windows Vista Logo Photoshop Tutorial

Create a new layer name it “window1”.
Right click, click on the shape, click “Make Selection…”
Fill the selection with any color.

pen tool selection

Now duplicate layer and name it “window2”.
Use CTRL+T to flip the window2 layer vertical, and then horizontal.
Now you should repeat the same thing two more times to get four windows in total.

duplicate layers

Fill the windows using gradient with equal colors from the original logo.

pick color

Add Bevel and Emboss to all windows.

add bevel

Now you should have something like this.

simple look

We need some glossy effect on this window.
Create a new folder “window”, put all four window shapes into one folder.
Duplicate “window” folder and press CTRL+E to merge folder. Name it “Gloss”.

Lock Transparent pixels

lock layer

And fill the “gloss” layer with white color.
Create a copy of this layer, name it “shadow” and put under the “window” folder (we need this one for later).

make shadow

Unlock Transparent pixels, and use eraser tool to remove unnecessary part.

cut selection

Set opacity 15%

shadow transparency

Create a new layer “shine”.
How hold down CTRL and left mouse click to the “shadow” (do not select this layer) layer at the layer palette.
We have got selection like this one:

shine center

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