Abstract rainbow colors Photoshop video tutorial (HD)

Watch HD quality video tutorial – how to make an abstract rainbow colors background in Photoshop. Learn how to customize brush tool and how to play with motion blur effects.

If you like it, fell free to download abstract rainbow colors background in a high resolution.


Size: 3.00 MB
Format: PSD
Keywords: colorful backgrounds, photoshop tutorial, watch HD video tutorials, abstract rainbow background
Author: PSD Graphics

Video Tutorial:

Source File:

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  1. Nice tutorial!!! You are really good…

    But I have a question. What’s the music playing on this video? 😀

  2. Whoa, very nice tutorial!
    I’m curious Guides trick at 1:20, is there some shortcut key to equaly seperate those Guides?

    1. Actually the video is edited (a few seconds are missing), and accidentally it looks like a trick.

  3. Amazing. Seriously dude, do you know where you are going when you create these stuffs or is it just improvisation?

  4. Thank you. That’s a neat trick. Could you also let us know how you did ‘Colorful abstract lights background’?

  5. Hi Boris,

    How did you select all colors at 0:32? The Select tool is not available for me.